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The spooky season is finally here! (We are big Halloween fans – stop by the office for some candy).
While we all love a good Halloween scare, it’s essential to ensure that safety is a top priority for your home and neighbourhood. Halloween festivities can be fun, but they can also pose risks to your property and even affect your home insurance. Here are some quick Halloween safety tips and home insurance considerations to remember as you prepare for the haunting holiday.

Halloween Safety for Homes and Neighborhoods:

  • Light Up the Night: Ensure that your property is well-lit during Halloween night. Proper lighting can help prevent trips and falls for trick-or-treaters and deter potential mischief.
  • Secure Decorations: If you’re decorating your home with spooky props, make sure they are safely secured. High winds or mischievous hands can easily knock over decorations, causing damage or accidents.
  • Pet Safety: Keep your pets safe and secure during the Halloween festivities. The unusual sights and sounds of the holiday can spook even the calmest of pets, leading to escapes or accidents.

Insurance Implications of Halloween Activities:

While Halloween itself isn’t likely to have a direct impact on your home insurance, some activities associated with the holiday might; for example, if you host a haunted house or Halloween party on your property, there’s a chance of accidents or injuries. It’s crucial to ensure that you have liability coverage as part of your home insurance policy to protect yourself in case of unexpected mishaps during the festivities.

Securing Your Property During Halloween:

  • Watch for Pranksters: Unfortunately, Halloween sometimes brings out pranksters who might vandalize or damage property. Keep an eye out for any suspicious activity in your neighbourhood and report it to local authorities. (Pumpkin Thieves)
  • Lock Doors and Windows: Ensure that all doors and windows are securely locked. Halloween can attract opportunistic criminals who might take advantage of unlocked entry points.
  • Consider Surveillance: If you live in an area with high Halloween foot traffic, installing outdoor surveillance cameras can be a valuable deterrent and provide evidence in case of any incidents.

Aldrich Place Halloween Display in Carstairs, AB:

We must give a special shoutout to one of our employees who put on an incredible Halloween display in Aldrich Place, Carstairs, AB.
If you have some free time – be sure to check it out!

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